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Top 3 Best Earphones in India Under 500 Rs

 Nowadays in the modern world technology is extremely blooming, and we see a variety of devices coming out in the market. in the earphones industry we see a variety of devices being released every single year. and new devices keep on coming with greater technology, better bass, and also better quality. 

Earphones are one of such things that many people have handy with them as you can use them to listen to music, to even play games and for a variety of other reasons and also to record music and much more. it is something that is extremely portable and you can carry it whenever you are traveling on a bus train and use it for listening to your music and also to play games on your mobile phones. 

Many brands have various models of their earphones that come with different technology and services offered by them. Well, the prices of earphones can vary from 500 to even 5000 Indian rupees. And there is quite a lot of variety available in the Indian market in terms of the earphones industry. sometimes individuals can be extremely confused in finding the most ideal and the right earphones for themselves.

boat is one of such companies that has taken over the country in terms of its extremely amazing earphones. but your phones that they come along with are quite remarkable because they are filled with various features and capabilities and also, they come with great bass for amazing experience while listening to music. and the top three earphones that we're going to talk about today are mostly from their catalogue.

well worry no more as today we're going to tell you about the top three best earphones that you can find in the Indian market for under ₹500. so, without any further ado let's jump right onto these earphones -

1. boAtBassheads 225 in Ear Wired Earphones with Mic

boAtBassheads 225 in Ear Wired

   At number one on our list, we have the boat bassheads 225 which is a great metallic tint earphone that comes with a mic attached to it. these earphones are the best pick under ₹500 because they are rated at top at more than 4 stars out of 168 thousand positive reviews. These earphones are quite incredible because they come with a 3.5 MM Jack and also sound isolation features and they only weigh about 14 grams.

These earphones are extremely stylish and trendy and they come along with 10MM drivers and super extra bass and the cord that comes along with these are extremely tangle free cable these earphones are also available in seven color variants and the metal finish that comes along with these earphones gives them a great style.

Perks of the boAtBassheads 225 -

Extremely Stylish.

Available in multiple Colors.

Tangle free cord.

Metallic Top head with 10 MM drivers for greater bass.

Specs of the boAtBassheads 225 -

Cable Size – 1.2 Meters.

Jack – 3.5 MM.

Weight- 14 Gm.

2. boAt Bassheads 242 Wired Headset

boAt Bassheads 242 Wired Headset

At #2 on our list, we have the boat baseheads 242 which is another cool looking earphone that is water and sweat resistant. these earphones are another great pick that are very trendy and the cable that they come along with are totally scratch resistant and it is the one that is made for workout and people who love to go to gym or go on a job they can use this your phone and reap its incredible features.

           The thing that we like about these earphones is the fact that they are available with high-definition surround sound 10MM drivers for great bass. and they are Ip x Four sweat as well as water resistant that means you can even use these earphones when it is raining or even when you're working out or sweating. these are also available in six different colors for individuals to have a great experience while using these earphones. 

Perks of the boAt Bassheads 242 Wired Headset - 

Totally water resistant.

available in multiple colors so users can have a trendy feel while using these.

high definition 10MM drivers.

a stretch resistant cable that is really good for workouts.

Specs of the boAt Bassheads 242 -

Cable Size – 1.2 Meters.

Jack – 3.5 MM.

Weight- 20 Gm.

3. Flipkart SmartBuy Wired Metal Headset with Mic

Flipkart SmartBuy Wired Metal

 Flipkart smartbuy is known for their quality products and these products are passed through various quality checks before they are finalized for retail. and number three in our list of most amazing earphones under ₹500 is the Flipkart smartbuy wired metal headset that comes with mic. this is another great headset that you can choose under the best earphones in 500 Rs.

These earphones come with anti-slip eartips that can be very good for long durations of listening to music and the silicone coating of these earphones are totally sweat free as well.

Perks of the Flipkart SmartBuy Wired Metal Headset with Mic -

Comes with noise isolating earbuds that can help you in getting rid of any background noise that you might be getting.

the cord is totally break resistant and it has a featherweight structure.

single touch and play option.

   Specs of the Flipkart SmartBuy Wired Metal Headset with Mic -

Cable Size – 1.2 Meters.

Jack – 3.5 MM.

Weight- 13 Gm.

Last words -

So, these were our top three picks under the ₹500 bracket these three earphones are the best that are available in the market and you can choose the one that suits the best for you as if you are somebody who loves to workout then the second option is amazing for you and if you are someone who is looking for a stylish and trendy your phone then the first option will suit you and if you are somebody who trust Flipkart then you can go for the smart buy earphones.

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