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Textsheet Alternatives

Students find quite a lot of hassle in getting the answers of their homework and school assignment and sometimes finding the answers can be extremely tough and there are multiple platforms that help individuals and finding answers nowadays as one of the most prominent platforms that used to be very popular was textsheet which would help students in finding the answers for their school homework. But unfortunately, in 2019 the text sheet application got shutdown due to a copyright claim. That is why today we are going to talk about the top most alternative for text sheet that you can install to reap the benefits of it and find the answers to your assignments and homework.

List of the Top Textsheet Alternatives-

Textsheet Alternatives

1. Chegg- 

At number 1 we have Chegg, this is a platform that this is a platform that features more than 32 million answers as well as questions on a variety of different topics and also you can get like you any suggestions for mathematics problems and also a library where you will be able to get the most ideal answers and it also comes with a grammar checking and Plagiarism checking tool along with that to give you the benefit of every single feature. Monthly package of this application cost around $20 per month.

2. Slader-

Textsheet Alternatives

Next we have Slader, this is another incredible tool that gives you straightforward answers to questions that you need a website that helps you with your school work and over here you will be able to find the question and answers that are related to every single subject and also related to mathematics of upper level school and high school and it is a platform that also comes with a mobile application and the online platform and the great thing that we like about this particular platform is that it only cost about $8 per month.

3. Schoolsolver-

Textsheet Alternatives

At last, but not the least the third platform that is prominent in terms of solving your school homework is known as the schoolsolver application this is a great alternative that you can install for the text sheet as it comes with creating answers and also the real experts that can answer your questions. This is an exuberant platform where you will be able to get answers to all of the questions and multiple things and the best part is that you can get answers for every single question for a particular amount as there are multiple teachers who will give answer to your questions for as little as one dollar and if the answer is complex then the charges might be higher but definitely it is an incredible platform which can be as cheap as you might want it to be.

Our Last words-

So, these were our top picks for the alternatives of textsheet and all of the following platforms are great in their own way and you can try all of them out to see which one suits best for you.

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