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Megapush Review

 As web interaction and digital marketing grows the advertising and showcasing industry has evolved to attract crowds online too. The businesses trying to reach a greater audience now choose online advertising on various social media platforms, websites and e-commerce platforms to advertise and grow their consumer base. There have been many new innovations and diverse platforms coming up with different ways to advertise and promote products and services of different businesses and applications. Startups and small businesses are always innovating the way they reach and expand their consumer bases.

Megapush Review

About Megapu.sh Platform -

Megapu.sh is an upcoming advertising and networking company which was the first to start advertising through push notifications. It can be sent to PCs or mobile devices easily for networking and promoting through this platform. They also have options of sending notifications and promotions using SMS and first page advertisements. Push notification advertising and promotions can also be a great way to remind already existing customers about upcoming sales or to increase engagements. The platform has traffic from more than hundred partners, CPC based worldwide traffic, high conversion rate, inner tracking system and also a very user friendly interface. 

Some features of The Megapu.sh

First Page Ads

First Page ads are relatively new kind of advertising tool where a page opens up advertising the product or service when the consumer clicks on a pre-installed app or web page. First page ads can be interactive and also be a snap shot into the promotions of the company or business. Megapu.sh lets the users deliver their ads efficiently to the customers whenever they click on a certain link or visit an app or website. It is a popup kind of advertising system which engages the user as soon as they click a relevant link and targeting their attention towards the needed information and products. Most apps and startups use this kind of advertisement through their websites and apps to engage with the customers. Megapu.sh makes it easy to create and circulate these kind of pop up advertisements.

Push notifications

Push notifications are a very efficient way of advertising in the recent times. Push notifications are easy and engaging making the customers come upon it as they casually peruse through their phone. A snappy one-liner and an attractive offer in a push notification is a great way to bring in customers to visit your app and stumble upon promotions. Megapu.sh introduced push notifications for the first time in 2017 and it’s been extensively used as a great marketing tool by all the greats to keep up traffic to their websites and apps. Megapu.sh enables users to advertise and send push notifications to end users of their websites and apps

SMS Campaigns

Megapu.sh also has a SMS campaign feature where the users can design SMS campaigns for promotional offers and more effortlessly. The SMS campaigns are used to send ads and updates to specific users and subscribers. With Megapu.sh creating a SMS campaign takes less than a minute by just filling the appropriate fields with specific info as needed and put in the list of phone numbers of the receivers. The phone numbers can be from different countries and operators. It’s one other powerful advertising tool in the arsenal of Megapu.sh

The Megapu sh Review - How it works

Megapu.sh has an interactive and simple interface easily navigable by beginners to go on designing their dream advertising campaign for their businesses or sales. It takes simple steps to create any of the three types of ad campaign formats offered by Megapu.sh. The first thing is to register on Megapu.sh and create an account on the platform. Then go on to choose the type of advertisement. For the first page ads, you have to design the banner or pop up that is supposed to be displayed for the end user. For Push notifications, all you have to do is to fill up the given fields and the users. For SMS campaigns, the process is similar to the first page ads but as simple as filling the fields and putting in the recipient phone numbers.

Megapush Review

Customer reviews on theMegapu sh - 

Alina Banks

Loved the interface and the very simple process of creating ads for my upcoming application and also create push notifications for them. This platform is definitely changed the way that we look towards advertisement and it will really help you in terms of boosting your advertising over the Internet as you can run ad campaigns and a lot of different other things and get ads as well as pop-up advertisements displayed to the user in terms of your business. this platform without a doubt is extremely friendly and has a great interface overall and thus we recommend it to all the users who are looking for a platform to host advertisements for their business.

Jason Perell said-

 this platform provides the most efficient and sophisticated way of advertisement that well the world has never seen before, it is definitely very intuitive and definitely new in the market and definitely extremely smart also so if you want to look out for advertisement then this is the platform that you should look out for and definitely have a word with the organization and they are going to help you in every single doubt or query that you have their customer support is available 24 by 7 so definitely you must go out for this platform and reap their benefits at a good rate.

Cole Bennet also said-

 online advertising is the part of the modern world advertising as if you put anything online for advertising it will gather a variety of audience and you will also get a variety of people that can learn and know about your product so definitely it helps in growing our business and this was the best platform that we looked out on the Internet looking at the reviews and definitely they lived up to the mark that we expected and have definitely helped our business in terms of the marketing

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