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Hostingraja Review

 In the age of the internet where almost people of all ages and places have access to the web and all the data and information it holds, the growth of e-commerce and digital marketing has been rapid. The easy access to internet has opened up a whole new world of social media platforms and a vast kind of blogs, be it personal or professional ones. Web hosting has come up to prominent in letting all kinds of people with little or no knowledge about the technical aspects of making a website have access to websites and also create their own for professional or personal purposes. Web hosting services help the users get websites of their own design get published in the World Wide Web.

Hostingraja Review

About Hostingraja Platform- 

Hostingraja is one of the most trusted and prominent Indian web hosting companies. The platform caters to the needs of professionals and personal users to get started with their websites and even have their own domain. Hostingraja has been ranked first among the Indian hosting providers in 2021 and has served over a lakh and a half customers. Their web hosting plans are easily accessible and pocket friendly with different plans suiting the needs of different users. Their websites are cache optimized, fast and secure.  

Features of Hostingraja -

Website Hosting features

Hostingraja web hosting services will let users have their dream websites out there for their businesses or their personal blogs with minimal effort. Including the web hosting services the platform also ensures that your website is running throughout the day and the platforms also help users troubleshoot their websites in case of any problems or glitches. Their web hosting features depend on the type of plan the users choose but they basically include cPanel+SSL Certificates, ample RAM, Malware and Virus cleaning services, a free domain and unlimited web space depending on the kind of plan. Unlimited hosting is also offered with plans including unlimited web space and unlimited number of domains as needed. 


Hostingraja platform also has a reselling hosting platform. The platform provides a pocket friendly option for your business needs by reseller hosting. They are known to have great technical assistance and also optimized reseller platforms. They have all technology required at one place including Cloud, VPS, dedicated servers, Zend and most of the top PHP frameworks. Their plans basically include unlimited domains, web space, panel accounts, ample RAM, CPU power and technical support.

WordPress hosting

Hostingraja is definitely one of the best Wordpress hosting platforms and providers in India. The platform provides very high security platform. The platform even has web servers optimized for speed using LiteSpeed. They are also protected with CSF firewall. The dashboards are extremely organized to help users manage their WordPress accounts and websites. The platform also provides free lifetime SSL Certificate and also automated backup and restore. The basic plans in WordPress hosting include features like 4 core, ample RAM, root/ssh access and much more. 

Domain Registration

Users who want to register their specific domains for business or personal uses. Domain registrations are made easy by Hostingraja making the process easier and simple. The platform guides you through the process in simple steps from choosing a name for your dame till you have your domain completely registered. They even let you transfer your domains to Hostingraja without losing any of the original data from your website. The platform even lets you search if the name you have chosen for your domain is unique and appropriate and guides you through the process of obtaining a domain.

Hostingraja Review

Our final words on the Hostingraja Platform - 

All in all, Hostingraja is a one stop platform for all your web hosting needs ranging from simple web hosting till registering your own domain. There are several plans available in each category with varying amounts and varying features from which the users can choose the most appropriate ones. Plans which include premium hosting services often come with unlimited web space and domains. Users are corporate professionals or businesses which get access to all these services at a reasonable price.

Reviews by Customers/ Users on the - 

Anita said-

I registered my domain through Hostingraja, it was simple and hassle free. Great technical support and easy process. I would definitely recommend this platform to any other user who is willing to put in their money in terms of their Technical Support and wants to create an online platform for their company as this platform will be able to help you in obtaining a domain and also the process that is coming along with it is extremely user friendly. You can literally host a website through WordPress or any other domain and this platform makes everything so much more simplified and sophisticated on every single note.

Vivek Mishra said- 

Purchased the premium corporate unlimited hosting plan for my startup. The websites work fast and are secure. Never had any major problems. Great support staff. I have my small business and I wanted an online platform for that particular regards and hosting Raja is without a doubt the easiest platform that gives us all those features and facilities without any hassle and also add extremely affordable rates if you are somebody who's willing to have online business or want to create a blogging platform online then this platform is definitely going to help you and is going to give you the best outcome without having to spend a lot of money.

Axon said-

 our company has been using this platform for almost one year now and we have seen great growth in terms of her development and all the online results and the online business has been blooming with the help of this platform so definitely a big heads up to it. we highly recommend this platform to anybody who is looking to grow their business online or who is looking to get a platform online in terms of their business or any personal reasons this platform is definitely going to help and save you a lot of money.

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