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Faceapp Alternatives

 Artificial intelligence has become a vital part of the modern technology and now a days we see a variety of different applications that use artificial intelligence in order to provide to us a standing features that we could have never thought were possible and today we have one of such platforms that also runs on artificial Intelligence and this is a platform known as Face App. Due to the recent social media trend this application has become extremely popular because you could have seen your impression with other celebrities and easily age yourself down or up and see the old self or young self with it. Indefinitely enjoy the astounding set of features and functions offered by the platform in artificial intelligence and today we are going to tell you about the most incredible Face App alternative that are out there on the internet.

There are multiple kinds of alternatives to Face App available in the market but here are our personal picks-

1. Meitu-

Faceapp Alternatives

So basically, this is an application that is made in China and it is another application just like face app which has more than a million subscribers. This platform is considered as literally one of the best alternatives you can find in the market to the face app because it comes with incredible editing features and amazing user interface and User experience and also there are multiple three-dimensional features and filters that allow you to beautify your pictures and definitely give them a Hollywood effect to its finest. With the help of this platform, you can easily add multiple features and have a vibrant experience and add all of these things on your Snapchat Instagram and definitely have a lot of fun in using these artificial intelligence features.

Overall a great application with amazing artificial intelligence technology and also amazing customer service and support along with face recognition Technology as well.

2. Oldify-

Faceapp Alternatives

At number two we have the oldify application, this is another alternative to the face app platform. With this application you can add effects like the old age affect and also get access to multiple AR related photo editing features and also give yourself an incredible artificial look like look like a vampire and a mistake to your face and definitely enjoy the vibrancy that this platform offers. It is one of such platforms that can literally help you in exploring a variety of different things and you can definitely explore all of this on this platform and have fun and literally entertain your friends on social media with it.

So, as we look forward towards it then it is a freely available application comes with a variety of Augmented reality Technologies and definitely some of the most amazing features and filters to make you look like a virtual person.

3. Aging Booth-

Faceapp Alternatives

At number 3 we have the aging booth application, this is another vibrant and aesthetic application which will give you multiple effects and it was developed in the year of 2010 and it had been extremely popular by individuals it is one of such Applications by which you will be able to to enhance your age by Augmented reality in artificial intelligence features and definitely it is one of the finest application that is similar to face app, but this one is quite Limited in terms of the features that it offers as it only is popular for the ageing function.

The great set of benefits that we like about the application like and the fact that you can use this platform even without internet and you can transform yourself and your face totally with the help of it and also you can instantly share the pictures on your social media and any other platform like Facebook Twitter and also this platform auto crops your picture that makes it very easy to get the most ideal result.

4. InkHunter-

Faceapp Alternatives

Next we have an application that is known as inkhunter this is another stunning application which is not exactly similar like face app but it is a very innovative application by which you can easily check out how a tattoo will look into your hand and definitely it is one of such very stunning application that had been developed in Ukraine it is featured by Augmented reality and you can literally get an idea before getting a tattoo as this application will give you an idea before getting a tattoo actually in your hand.

This platform can definitely help you in portraying a tattoo on any part of your body from different angles and it also comes with advanced photo editor that will help you in making everything looks real and definitely it has the ability for you to add and upload pictures from your gallery and also you can navigate in search for tattoos to get the most ideal look on your body.

5. Genies-

Faceapp Alternatives

At last but not the least we have an application that is based in California and it is known as Genies which is another bitmoji application that has become popular since the Snapchat error this application allows you to create your own animated set of character and it has more than 1 million users currently who use this application and you can use this bitmoji character on any social media platforms like WhatsApp Instagram Snapchat and definitely enjoy the Augmented reality features of this platform.

This platform is integrated with a variety of messaging and social media platforms and also there are 180 dimensions of moods that your character can have, so it is a cherry on top.

Last words on the Faceapp Alternatives- 

Now as we are approaching towards the conclusion, we have told you about the top 5 alternative to the face app, and each and every one of them is unique in their own way and definitely you can look out for the one that you think is appropriate for you and reap its set of benefits.

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