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Anstrex Review

 In this competitive world full of new upcoming technologies and applications knowing your competition and predicting their marketing strategies and manipulating yours accordingly. There are many applications and platforms which help marketing professionals and small business owners to know their competition and also help formulate their marketing strategies and sales tools as per newly obtained data. These platforms not only make things easier and faster but also open up new consumer bases and advertising mediums for the business owners and also more options and tools through which they can reach and develop more. Online advertising has boomed in the recent times and has opened up lot of opportunities for upcoming businesses.

Anstrex Review

About Anstrex Platform - 

Anstrex is an online platform which improves the user’s reach and consumer management by revealing marketing strategies of the suitable competitors in the same field. Anstrex has three products launched already helping its users unlock new strategies and advertising options. The products are Anstrex Native, Anstrex Push and Anstrex Dropship each having its own unique features and suitable prices. Anstrex is used by various types of marketing professionals to unlock the underlying strategies in advertising and marketing. 

Fields that Anstrex is dominating -

Performance marketers / Affiliates

Anstrex is used by affiliates all over the world to advertise by using traffic and also increasing sales in the meantime. Anstrex will lead new users down the same path as these affiliates towards success

Direct Sales Marketers

Direct sales marketers looking to increase their income rapidly and also increase the sales, Anstrex will help them through techniques employed by B2B and B2C direct sales marketers.

Brand Advertisers

New businesses looking to become a name in every household and an established brand should use Anstrex to learn how big brands made their name and also to dive into native advertising

Content Creators

Content creators are always looking to devour new content ideas and make it their own. Anstrex helps them get endless exciting ideas and topics for new content in very discipline.

Features of Anstrex Platform- 

Anstrex Native

Anstrex Native is used by budding entrepreneurs and marketers to find ad networks from all over the world with endless relevant data to better themselves. Anstrex native has vast number of networks compared to any other spy tool including all the leading professionals in the field. It also includes domain and region specific ad networks to give the users a better understanding of their competition.

 Anstrex native has data from all over the world from 64 countries and more using proxies to get the most precise data. The platform uses more than 27 native ad platforms to get millions of ads for comparison and the data is available to access and understand in a simple format. The platform has a multitude of filtering and sorting options, enabled keyword searches and also includes advanced Boolean searching.

Anstrex Push

Anstrex Push focuses on obtaining spied data from a vast source of push ads from all over the world and also uses proxies like in Anstrex native to get the most accurate data. The data is numbered, sorted and organized to be easily available for perusal by users like you. Anstrex Push also has a detailed visualization campaign to see how your campaign works, get insights into your strategies and also helps find real CPC bids for many campaigns along with its history.

With tools like sorting, filtering, keyword searches and advanced Boolean searches the marketers are handed to them a powerful research tool to analyse and know the competition in their relevant areas. Anstrex Push also has a great tools to rip and download landing pages, customising landers using the HTML editor available on hand and also a rapid deployment on server. 

Anstrex Dropship

Anstrex Dropship is helps the marketers build and launch a successful drop-shipping business. The platform helps find the popular and trendy drop shipping products, automate your business using the chrome extension. The platform even lets you peruse through thousands of retail stores and glean their trade secrets. The users can also find the trendiest products on social media platforms too.

Easy Integration

Anstrex offers easy integration to its users by letting them collaborate on platforms of e-commerce and social media to improve productivity. Some of the integrations offered by Anstrex are Shopify in which you can manage your shopify account using the chrome extension, Woo commerce which helps automate the ordering process, Ali Express, AWS and even Digital Ocean.

Anstrex Review

User Reviews of the Anstrex Platform -

Jason said-

 my business has been using the Anstrex platform since the past six months and definitely it has made our business blooming and we have had our peak sales in these past six months. And without doubt all of the credit goes to this platform as it has brought to us a variety of customers and people who are now loving our products and we see a great spike in terms of the performance and the rate at which our business blooms.

Cole said-

 we have managed to get quite a lot of networking help with this platform, this platform is easy to use and making payment is also quite simplified, and after everything is done, we have to sit back and relax and we get order calls and the marketing is easily done for us. This platform has made it all easier for us and their customer support is also top notch and well thought of, they are available 24x7 and this platform genuinely fills up all the right marks and columns.

Xander said-

A great platform, Easy to use, very innovative and intuitive as well, Surely the one that you shall install and reap its incredible set of benefits that it has to offer, A big heads up to it and we highly recommend other budding business platforms to look out for this avenue to bloom their business and get a lot of perks and benefits in marketing from the Anstrex platform.

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