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TeamViewer Review, (Formerly Known as Blizz)

 In the modern time innovations are a vital part of the human development and nowadays where mobile phones computers and various other technological devices have become a part of our daily lives. we can clearly see that there are a variety of applications also available to make our lives a lot easier. and today we have one of such incredible innovative applications by which you will be able to remotely control any other device and get access to it and help your friends out or use it for professional work and various other fields as well.

TeamViewer Review

And the platform that comes with all of these incredible things is known as TeamViewer and today we're going to talk about this incredible remote application by which you can easily control any other device at your professional work or even for your friends or any other purpose so let's learn and understand the basic fundamentals of this application and then we can get to know the features of this platform as well.

TeamViewer (About) -

TeamViewer is a free of cost application that is available online and it is a platform that allows augmented reality as well as remote connectivity with other devices and it can be used for professional IT management work and also used by people for helping their friends out or any other purpose. With the help of this platform, it enhances the productivity and also connectivity with it management and their customers and also it is a platform that can help people in enhancing The IT support as well as access the customers to engage in world class support.

This platform is available online for computer users and also on the Google Play store and Apple App store for mobile users.

Let us quickly check out the list of fundamental features of this incredible application- 

The first feature and the most commonly used feature of this application is the fact that you can connect with other devices with the help of a passcode and after the other person enters the passcode, they will be able to get access to your computer and help you with IT management or any other assistance that you require.

This platform can also be used for presentations as well as demonstration with the help of the screen sharing feature and also multiple training videos can be given over here an easily communicate with the other person with the help of the voice chat as well.

This platform also helps with multi-channel communication and real time chart that means that you can communicate with multiple channels at the same time and assist multiple channels and also while you are doing so you can chat with people to fill up any queries or questions while you are doing so.

This platform is also available for mobile devices and a wide spectrum of people can use this platform as you can also share files drag and drop things and also use it in multiple languages for a better interface and experience.

You can also schedule a particular sharing and recorder sessions and also transfer the sessions afterwards and it is a platform where video conferencing and video management can also be elapsed.

List of Pros and Cons of the TeamViewer application - 


It gives you remote access to literally any device at any given time and all that you have to do is enter the code and you shall be able to connect with it.

it is extremely fast reliable and gives high performance to almost any connection.

comes with a great user interface that is pretty graphical and also intuitive at the same time.

The whiteboard feature of this application Is also pretty stunning as it helps in professionals to explain or illustrate any problem to the user so that it can be resolved in an easy way.

also, you can drag and drop files that makes things very easy, because it saves time and you will not have to waste a lot of time by downloading things and emailing them over and over again.


For new users the application can be a little bit hard to understand but they will surely get used to it.

the platform does not work so good with proxy servers.

the Android application of clean beer has a few bugs and it might crash sometimes.


 TeamViewer Review, Formerly Known as Blizz, User Reviews- 

Alex Rated the app with 5/5 Stars and said-

I genuinely admire this application as I have been using it for over a year I am a casual user of this application and it has helped me for multiple purpose as I own a computer store and sometimes individuals might have issues with their device and this platform helps me to communicate with them and connect with them to resolve any issue or any bug or any trouble they're having with their computers so definitely this is one of such platforms that I recommend to everyone and it really helps me in every single aspect possible.

Xavier also rated the app with 5/5 and said the following-

 I personally work in an ID industry and we have to resolve client problems and any issue that they might be facing and this is the one application that has helped us since a very long time as it is extremely easy to use and also while helping our customers, we can check their device and see if there is any trouble out there and at the same time we can explain it to them with the help of the white board feature and definitely it works out very well for that particular regard and surely is worth installing for IT consultants and Customer support.

Jason rated the app with 5/5 stars -

I personally like this app very much, I have a small IT business and this platform helps in our connectivity with our users, it is very easy to use and even beginners and master this platform within a few days and make the best use out of it.

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