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Food Delivery Apps in India

 In the modern times one of the things that has definitely taken over the world has been the online food delivery applications in India because we in India we love restaurant food as there is a variety of cuisine that is available for individuals and throughout the last decade, some applications have become extremely popular and are used throughout the country to serve food to customers all around the country.

and today we're going to learn as well as understand about the various food delivery applications in India and how you can order food from these platforms and we will tell you the features as well as the great aspects about these applications so that you can decide for yourself which is the ideal food delivery application for you.

These Food delivery applications take orders from a variety of cuisines and restaurants and you will literally be able to order anything that you want and desire from their platform as they have a variety ofclosing the valuable like Italian Indian South Indian Chinese pizza and much more so let's have a quick look about these applications that are available in India.

Food Delivery Apps in India-


Food Delivery Apps

This platform is by far the most popular and the most widely recognized platform in terms of online food delivery services in India. This platform is widely known for its incredible user interface that makes individuals experience amazing and also easy and over here on this platform you will be able to order food of the category that you like, this platform is available on the Google Play store Apple App store and even on the online website from where you can order the food that you want. 

This platform is without a doubt the largest and the well marketed Indian food delivery platform this platform was founded in 2014 and it is based in Bangalore and by March of 2019 this platform had been all around India and even and large in more than 100 cities the profit revenue of this platform is about 530 million U.S. dollars. 

over here the great part about this platform is that you can order the food that you like and get a variety of deals and offers on the food and also along with that every day you will get new offers and also not only food but you can also order food on swiggy via insta Mart and this is a mark from where you will be able to get your daily needs and groceries within 35 to 40 minutes and also you can hire a personal assistant like a genie from which you can get anything delivered and that also at any given time.

Perks of Swiggy- 

• A great user interface and a very amazing design of the app that makes it quite attractive for the new users.

• You can also order grocery from this application.

• Hire a genie to deliver your parcels and a variety of other things.

Zomato -

Food Delivery Apps

Zomato is also an incredible food delivery platform that is not just any regular food delivery platform but also a restaurant aggregator this platform was founded in the year of 2008 and it is nowadays one of the most popular platforms out there the Zomato proof services offer an incredible set of offers and free rewards to individuals and also if you have Zomato pro then you can get access to a variety of other offers as over here on this platform you can order your favorite food of any different variety of cuisine.

and also, you can select restaurants and go out and get multiple offers as you go out and dine outside this platform is definitely incredible because you can order food over here and also book tables online for a restaurant dinner date or a family outing at a restaurant or any normal outing.

 this platform is incredible for people love to get a variety of offers and also at the same time love to go outside because with this particular application you can go outside and dine at a restaurant and then get a good amount of offer and discount on your total bill.

Perks of Zomato - 

• Wide range of offers and discount.

• book a table at a restaurant and go outside.

• Variety of Zomato pro, offers and a great user interface as well.


Food Delivery Apps

Dunzo is another application, whose primary purpose is delivering packages and helping with assistance in delivering and groceries. But nowadays you can also find a variety of restaurants and food deliveries being introduced here on this platform, so surely you must try this application out for that purpose.

Dunzo as we all clearly know it is an Indian company that provides delivery services throughout India in Mary popular cities this is a platform by which you can easily get your packages delivered andnowadays, we can also find restaurants and a variety of other platforms being connected with tons of for delivery purposes and you can also get food delivered over here with great offers and cheap prices.

Perks of Dunzo - 

• Easy to use and quite intuitive.

• Credit options with Simpl and other apps.

• Order food or packages, anything you desire.

Our Review on the Food Delivery Apps in India- 

So, as we could clearly see these are the most prominent three food delivery applications available in India and all of the applications are quite amazing and you must definitely try out every single application and browse through them to find the most ideal one that suits for you in our opinion Zomato and swiggy are the most prominent ones because they are available at almost every city and they also provide a variety of restaurants so you can order the food that you like.

and if you are somebody who loves to send packages to your friends' family and also if you want to order food then you can try out Dunzo because it also offers late payment options and a variety of different other things but one thing is there that it done so you do not get offline payment like cash on delivery and  Swiggy and Zomato offers those.

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